I have installed Arch Linux

written by Guido Percú on March 8, 2016

I am a Linux user since early 2008, with the Ubuntu 8.04. I fell in love with it, a nice desktop interface, less security problems and headaches, and what for me is the most important thing: more power over my computer.

Ubuntu 8.04 screenshot

I've been using Linux since then. I experienced some distros (Fedora, Debian, Backtrack, Mint ...) but I always come back to Ubuntu for daily activities. This year, I had some crashing and overheating issues and was starting to blame my notebook (a not so powerfull Core i3 with 4GB of RAM), but a coworker suggested giving Arch a try. So, I decided to install it and use i3 as my window manager (I have never used it before, it's amazing!).

I've followed the Beginner's guide and after a lot of epic battles against configurations files (most of them was my fault as I had misunderstood some paragraphs on the guide) and with help from the internet I now write this text from a fully functional Arch machinne. It's impressive how fast and well behaved everything is, there is no crash nor overheating . I think it's a farewell to Ubuntu.

If you would like to try i3, check out Your guide to a damm light Arch Linux with i3 and text apps

Arch with i3 screenshot

Updating the system (once a day)

$ pacman -Syu

Installing a package

$ pacman -S <package_name>

Uninstalling a package

$ pacman -Rsn <package_name>

Setting the keyboard layout to Brazilian ABNT

$ setxkbmap -layout br

Configuring sound

$ alsamixer
$ speaker-test -c2

Connecting to the internet (wi-fi)

# ip link set down wlo1
# wifi-menu

Getting date time from the internet

# ntpd -qg

Setting second monitor

# xrandr --output HDMI1 --auto --left-of LVDS1

More information on audio configuration for arch at Unix Stack Exchange:

If you have any tip or sugestion, leave a comment :)