About me

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Hi, I'm Guido Luz Percú, software developer and open source contributor. I write about software development, technology, Web and books on my personal blog. I work as a software engineer and my goal is to help improve people's lives.

I have experience developing web apps as a full stack developer, working with agile methodologies (Scrum and Kanban), creating software tests and using version control systems.

I'm currently studying Computer Science at UERJ (State University of Rio de Janeiro - Brazil). My main interests are Functional Programming, Data Science and Finance.


Learning Go

We believe it's worth trying again with a new language, a concurrent, garbage-collected language with fast compilation.

package main
import "fmt"

func main() {
    fmt.Println("hello world")

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One more thing

Do you need help? I would love to help improve your bussiness and bring a positive impact on people's live. Get in touch. :)